Social Enterprises are often keen on supporting other value-aligned organisations and service providers. Mutual Credit can strengthen these partnerships by simplifying trade, reducing dependence on cash and opening opportunities for localised, sustainable initiatives.

The greater the trade within groups, the greater the value to all members, and the stronger the social economy becomes in each community.

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Social Enterprises and COVID-19

We know you must be facing some significant challenges through COVID 19. Some of you will have seen income plummet, whilst others will be working far beyond capacity to provide critical services.

Trading in Mutual Credit can help you regain balance, freeing up your precious cash to go where it's needed most and enabling you to support partner organisations by extending credit to them.

As a mutual organisation ourselves, we’re committed to the same principles [link to mission and vision section] that drive many social enterprises and community-focused organisations.

How MCS can help:

  • Evaluating partnerships, opportunities, and concerns.
  • Creating free and open-source accounting software tailored towards mutual credit
  • Providing specialised training.
  • Helping ensure legalities and tax compliance.
  • Setting up effective governance systems, auditing practices, credit limits, and other essential structures.
  • Identifying, refining, and sharing best practices.
  • Helping the network grow by facilitating partnerships with other groups.

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