Faced with economic difficulties, more municipal authorities are realising the value of community wealth-building strategies. Since mutual credit enables moneyless trading among local businesses, it leverages the incentives for local economic activity.

This circularity builds greater economic activity, resulting in increased community wealth, local business confidence, and resilience to external economic shocks.

Community Benefits of a Mutual Credit Club:

Waving line representing flow of cash Paying with credit frees up the actual money, improving business’ cash flow.
Circular icon representing robustness, sustainability, and survivability More businesses survive austere times, lowering unemployment rates and the pressure on social services.
Star icon representing pride in local business More recognition and pride for local businesses as the network grows.

Want to enliven your community’s economy? We can help.

We are not a subscription service. Our approach is to become a close partner to every project we work with, deeply attuned to each group’s needs, providing custom solutions, and working closely on every step to success. Our services entail:

  • Research to assess the community’s opportunities, needs, & stakeholders.
  • Creating free and open-source accounting software specialized for mutual trade.
  • Setting up effective governance systems, auditing practices, credit limits, and other essential structures.
  • Administering continued support, problem-solving strategies, and evaluations of the system’s health and community impact.
  • Identifying, refining, and sharing best practices.
  • Networking Mutual Credit Clubs to expand their economies and influence.

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