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  • Someone just turned the lights on
    In the autumn of 2020, several members of Mutual Credit Services launched a loose symposium with the not-too-catchy identifier ‘Circular Trade Analytics’. What we wanted to do was to develop tools and techniques that enabled us to look at the relationships and dynamics in economies which were practicing various mechanisms we identified as ‘circular’ in character – Continuous Clearing and Mutual Credit in particular. A small but wide-ranging group began to meet fortnightly and it became clear that there was significant work to be done – that despite … Read MoreSomeone just turned the lights on
  • ‘Complementary’ economics won’t do it.
    TL;DR  Labelling novel economic framings as ‘complementary’, ‘alternative’, ‘radical’ has been self-defeating.  While the cultural reality of money is extraordinarily complex, the fundamental mechanisms are rather few and simple.  A recent paper makes it clear that proposed approaches using ‘continuous clearing’ and ‘mutual credit’ are not in fact novel, weird or complicated. They are well understood as ‘liquidity saving mechanisms’ and already in use in niches across the financial system, bringing significant benefits to participants.  The novelty lies in bringing these approaches more directly into the service of … Read More‘Complementary’ economics won’t do it.